Circle of Life

The following materials are favored:

  • Essential oils: Extractions of steam-distilled roots, flowers, leaves, barks, grasses; or, pressed fruit rinds and seeds

  • Absolutes: Solvent-extracted flower essences (not used in all blends)

  • Resins: Viscous fossil deposits, usually from trees

  • Meadowfoam Seed Oil: Cold-pressed, additive-free carrier oil

All materials are sustainably cultivated, vegan, and free of: animal testing, harsh chemicals, fillers, and parabens. Botanicals are acquired seasonally for optimum quality and shelf life.


Instead of dominating nature, we believe in mindful consumption of less, well-made personal care items, which inspires ethical, sustainable business practices. Highlights include:

  • Refusing to rely non-renewables—especially endangered plant species. Meadowfoam seed oil is our hero: countless uses, long shelf life, and ecologically abundant.

  • Minimizing packaging to reduce waste.

  • All packaging materials are BPA-free, low-impact, and recyclable. Because landfills are sad.

  • Reusable vials. Just wash and send back for a refill, repurpose, or recycle.

  • Sourcing locally whenever possible to further reduce the carbon footprint of transportation. 

  • Supply is always traded fairly. The like-minded distilleries and glass-makers we do business with deserve much love.