We're nonplussed, too. Below are some actionable items to help work through the fear.

Prioritize Community

Read and listen to stories of people that were not represented by those elected on November 8th, and realize there is no Other. Vocalize your support on social media. Volunteer and donate. Get involved in local community events like beach/park clean-ups and support groups; you never know who you'll meet.

Get Behind the Clean Power Plan

Learn the details, find your legislator, and tell your assembly members to protect the plan. The goal: by 2030, carbon emissions from power plants will be reduced in the US by over 30%. Let's protect the groundwork laid.


Support Sustainable Systems

Bust out the Energy Department's Home Energy Checklist for simple ways to swap out the bad with the good, such as LED lights and renewable energy options through your local utility.

Shop Mindfully; Prevent, Minimize, and Reuse

The Note Passer posted this thorough, invaluable guide on ways to preserve natural resources and minimize waste. Businesses that prioritize the planet provide a shift to a sustainable economy, and prove that that it's not only possible, but profitable. As always, we offer ways for you to reuse our packaging, or recycle an old department store perfume to make the change one bottle at a time on your vanity.