Call of the Vialed is an irreverent, unisex parfumerie. we focus on plant extracts with colorful histories and storied psychoactive properties. Inspired by forces of nature, our hyperreal fine fragrances defy chemical-laden industry, and are never over-serious. Each perfume is formulated by hand, portable, and CRUELTY-FREE.


Blev is the owner and perfumer, preferring classical, small-batch parfumerie techniques that highlight ancient mind/body/beauty benefits of plants. She has held marketing, product development, and consulting positions for beauty brands in prestige, indie, and mass markets. Blev hails from Detroit, and learned the art of perfume composition in California.


We’re unbothered by the prevailing Shoulds of luxury perfume: far-throwing; hazmat; gendered. The standards we hold are guided instead by the beauty of natural process. Each vial represents the sense of well-being conjured by exploring and caring for the self and the planet. All launches are highly edited, fitting for a minimalistic beauty ritual or a pivot to slow consumption.